Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Some members of our sitcom writing class went to a table reading of Two and a Half Men tonight. We were in the studio with the Two and a Half Men stage and the cast sat at a table and read a script. It was an event for the Academy of Television something-something, maybe to impress Emmy voters or something. I don’t know. The point is it wasn’t a regular table read, it was kind of a performance.

Afterwards there was a reception and we went over behind the set where they had catered food and we could mingle with the cast and writers. We didn’t do too much of that. We talked to some recent USC alumni with jobs on the show, and one of the writers. And a couple of our party got Jon Cryer’s autograph. He seemed very friendly and approachable.

As for the food, well, we’d eaten before going, but I had a Rice Krispie treat, which tasted good, like homemade ones, not crappy, like store-bought ones, and a brownie, which was pretty good too. Afterward I didn’t know what to do with my plastic plate. I wandered around a bit looking for a trash can, but then a woman came by with a tray and asked to take my plate and I put my trash right there on the tray. Awesome.

And we got parting gifts! A fancy set of leather coasters with “Two and a Half Men” embossed on them. Score!

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lydia said...

sigh, I love swag. Speaking of which, does anyone know how I and/or Zack can get into E3 this year? I'm perfectly willing to wear a skanky top, if that's what it takes. I won't speak for Zack.