Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Rain: Checked

The spring break trip to Japan has been pushed back to the end of the school year. My scholarship deadlines, and more importantly, Stephanie's comprehensive exam, on which her graduation hinges, have conspired to make leaving the country for ten days extremely impractical, not to mention stressful. We tried to figure out ways to make it work, but ultimately it wasn't working out and a last-minute change of plans was in order.

We'll be going after Stephanie's graduation in May, and perhaps we can take advantage of that timing to add a few days to the trip, which was kind of squeezed short as it was.

So it's pushed back again. Eventually I will go to Japan.


lydia said...

well, when you finally do go, can you bring me back a pair of those loose socks and some glue to hold them up?

Oh, a friend told me an ultra-hip and ridiculously-bathroomed restaurant in Shibuya which you guys should definitely check out. of course, I can't remember the name, so I'll get back to you with actual details.

lydia said...

ok, I was wrong. It's a chain called Seiryumon, and the one you want is in Shinjuku, because it has "freaky toilets" and is decorated in a "1840s opium den theme." (There's apparently another which is submarine themed). I found a couple of photos of the toilets, but my friend says it's much more exciting in person.

Oh, and a robot-doll will ask you for a password at the door, so make sure you can pronounce the name of the restaurant before you go.

lyan! said...

I have no new information for you, really, cept I might be moving there in July. And I hear it gets damn hot in the summer. According to my guidebooks, May should be good, but any later and it'll start getting mad-hot. FYI.

Zack said...


Sorry. I just wanted to use that emoticon. Sucks about Japan. :(