Sunday, March 27, 2005


Have I reviewed the comic strip Frazz before? I can't remember. But I just posted this comment on a comic strip blog and I think I'll put it here too.

Frazz annoys the crap out of me. It’s way too pleased with itself for being smart. Calvin and Hobbes took the curse off because when Calvin wasn’t saying wise, pithy things, he was falling off cliffs on his wagon. Or Hobbes was calling him out on his stupidity.

Plus, when points were made through Hobbes’ wisdom, he’d have the decency to actually use some cutting sarcasm to mock Calvin’s ignorance. Frazz is toothless, soft-touch, passive-aggressive intellectual snobbery. When Frazz scores a hit on the teachers, his smarmy, knowing wisecracks land so lightly and so smugly the strip practically overflows with self-satisfaction, patting itself on the back for being smart and congratulating itself for not being too mean. It hits you over the head with its literary allusions and demands that you be impressed.

Plus, Frazz (or the main kid in the strip) always gets the last word, and it always teaches a wise lesson in a condescending way that would make the other person feel small.

The fact that they are always portrayed as superior to the teachers and never the butt of a punchline themselves renders them as completely unsympathetic (unlike, say, Get Fuzzy, where Rob can sarcastically put down Bucky one day and be the geeky butt of the joke himself the next). Frazz and his sidekick have no flaws. They’re smarter and wiser than their superiors, and they’re irritating about it. Why is Frazz a janitor if he’s so smart? And what kind of creepy janitor is so close with the kids that he hangs out with them outside of school?

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