Thursday, March 17, 2005


Dan Freedman and I saw a free screening in Hollywood last night. A very rough cut of a movie, really a test screening, with the surveys and everything. I won't mention the name because it would be unfair to start putting negative buzz on the Internet based on a rough product, and because this poor movie has its work cut out for it anyway. I'll be sure to elaborate if and when the thing ever limps into theaters or, more likely, directly into video stores. The test scores can't have been good.

The movie, a comedy, was so ill-conceived and poorly-constructed, but most of all, so thuddingly unfunny, that it fueled our conversation all the way home. Unfortunately, its awfulness also stuck in my head. I couldn't stop thinking about it and ultimately its shoddiness infiltrated my dreams. My subconscious continued wrestling with just why it was so bad long after I'd drifted off into what turned out to be less-than-restful sleep.

Also, I ended up dreaming about being kept up all night, exhausted. It wasn't until I started to wake up that I realized I had actually been sleeping.

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