Sunday, February 13, 2005


Surely if Zack can write posts like this, I can write a four-post epic about Sundance. Plus, I helpfully slowed my rate of posting for the rest of the week to give you time to read it.

In other news, the official Herbie site is up. It's slick, if uninformative. I did notice that Alfred Gough & Miles Millar have been added to the screenwriting credit, which is probably good news. They're among the myriad writers to have worked on Spider-Man 2 and they also did the Shanghai Noon/Knights movies, which I enjoyed, so I trust them to deliver solid crowd-pleasing entertainment.


Zack said...

If my entire post had been dedicated to upcoming Nintendo games, this would be a fair comparison.

Sarah said...

Yeah, but the Gough/Millar team are also the ones responsible for Smallville. Their love for Kristen Kreuk's characterization and "acting" of Lana Lang has caused that show to delve even further into a pile of crap. Which is pretty much where it started, anyway, but still- even further.

Kenny said...

Hm. I did not think of that, since I have never been interested in Smallville. EW said that the show is picking up this season since adding Lois Lane.

As far as their take on Herbie, we'll just have to wait and see.