Monday, February 28, 2005

The Razzies Should Get a Razzie...

...for "Worst Joke Awards Show." Aside from giving Bush a "worst actor" award (a gesture that Simon already complained about), jeers to the Razzies for giving Halle Berry a chance to dodge responsibility for Catwoman. It's nice that she finally has the soundness of mind to admit it's a failure, but after spending all summer talking about how much she enjoyed it and how great it was and how much she loved the costume, and how she was looking forward to the sequel, etc., how dare she blame Warner Brothers and her agent:

She thanked everyone involved in "Catwoman," a film she said took her from the top of her profession to the bottom.

"I want to thank Warner Brothers for casting me in this piece of shit," she said as she dragged her agent on stage and warned him "next time read the script first."

Her agent? I don't suppose it's her responsibility to read the scripts that he gives her? Yes, it's totally his fault. And it's Warners' fault for throwing so much money at her that she couldn't resist signing on for this "piece of shit," not her fault for wanting the money. If she wants to get cute and self-effacing, that's one thing, but she shouldn't pretend she's taking shots at herself and then shoot everyone around her instead. This is worse than pretending Catwoman was good.


lyan! said...

I agree pretty whole-heartedly. Though I wonder, I remember back in the 'golden age' actors were contracted for multiple pictures with a given studio, does that still exist? If so, I think it'd explain her "I love it!" attitude during, and her subsequent 'Urg, now I hate it' relapse into reality upon contractual finish.
But regardless, she's lame and I don't think she's anywhere near as good an actor as people try to say.
She's purdy though.

Kenny said...

Actually, in the Golden Age, actors were under contract not for a set number of pictures, but more or less forever. You would make pictures with one studio unless someone else bought you out or you got special permission to do one elsewhere. That's why every old Warner Bros. movie has the same cast as Casablanca.

Nowadays, you still have stars who have multiple picture contracts with studios, which is why Lindsay Lohan is in Herbie: Fully Loaded. She owes Disney one more movie and wants to get it over with. But it's not so exclusive (hence Mean Girls at Paramount).

Stars do, however, generally have approval over which pictures they do. If Lohan really didn't want to do a Herbie picture, she probably could have shot it down, but she would have had to do another Disney film eventually anyway, so she probably figured this was as good as any. I don't know if Berry had a WB contract, but even if she did, she didn't have to do Catwoman.

I don't begrudge Halle Berry switching from hyping the movie to damning it. Obviously she was obligated to hype it before, and besides, stars do that all the time. I object to the fact that she blames other people--the studio, her agent--for putting her in a piece of shit, as if she never even read the script herself (and maybe she didn't, but whose fault is that?).

George Clooney has bashed Batman & Robin, but he's cool enough to blame himself, and has joked about how he single-handedly killed the franchise. Thing is, although Clooney was wrong for the part, there were ten thousand things that were worse in Batman and Robin than he was, all of which he could have blamed, but he still didn't try to blame other people for his own sucky performanc in it.