Sunday, February 13, 2005


Stephanie and I are taking our spring break trip to Japan in about a month. Now is the time for the more experienced Japan travelers among you to make your suggestions about what to see.

I'm looking through TimeOut Tokyo right now. Maybe I'm a sucker and these are Japan's answer to lame stuff like Planet Hollywood, but these themed restaurants sound cool:

The Lock-Up: "On arrival at this prison-themed izakaya, you'll be asked if it's your first visit. Just say 'Hai." After this, you will be handcuffed by the waitress and led to your cell... Every hour, the monsters escape from jail to terrorize diners, until they are brought under control by police girls clad in unfeasibly short skirts."

Ninja: "On arrival you are ushered through a series of winding wooden corridors designed to evoke old village Japan by a waiter dressed as a ninja warrior. Thereafter, waiters continue to pop out of unlikely places and sneak up with menus and food. There's also an itinerant magician."


lydia said...

Are you serious? If I didn't know that Time Out was a real publication, I'd think you'd gotten ripped off. That's hella cool, says Zack. Also, he says, "Don't credit me." and then "stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it."

But yeah, you need to eat there, and there too.

Please go to Puroland for me and Cynth. I'd have to go to the Ramen Museum, but if you don't like ramen, then maybe it wouldn't be as awesome.

lyan! said...

When in Japan, make sure you see Japan. How long are you going? If near 7 or 14 days the railpass is awesome and lets you use the wonderful system and the shinkansen (bullet trains). As far as anything else, I don't know. I remember reading about a museum of feudal japan in tokyo that uses models to illustrate what it was like. I wanted to see those, but ended up drinking in bars.
If you're gonna be romping around, I say check out Nara (first J-capital) and also make sure you visit Hiroshima, its depressing, but still, its more about a-bombs than they'd ever show over here. OOh and the mountains, find some city in the mountains and go. I went to Takayama and it was my favorite place in the world. and definitely find a ryokan and stay at least once, they're pretty awesome.

cyshas said...

Hey that's aweseome. Don't know what your budget looks like, but if you can I definitely suggest hot springs. I think when I went it was ~$200 for one night including train (about 2 hours from toyko) and food. Here's the link for the one I went to which was awesome...waterfalls, hot springs in caves, etc. And most people wear clothing. Co-ed nude baths freak me out, esp with all the old middle aged men there, who like to go in the nude anyway. Anyway the site is entirely in Japanese, so you might need a Japanese speaker to help you book before you go.

Not sure, if you want it, but let me know if you need places for mandarake (used anime stores). *_*

Mostly Tokyo is shopping/eating, so for actual scenery/history, you'll need to get out of tokyo. One of the sites I did enjoy in Tokyo was Asakusa, and don't try the imperial palace, as I figured out the hard way you can't go in.

Anonymous said...

I really loved the Tokyo fish market. A big surprise was the Bigbox store near the Takananobaba train station. There's a mall, a pool, a gym, and a thousand screaming teens all in one big building. I really liked the ryokan in Asakusa called Shigetsu. It was great and not overly expensive like the ones in Kyoto.

Kyoto is fun because it's more traditional and they talk slower there. There's a philosopher's path connecting all the temples. They have the best ryokans and you might be there in time for the myoko parade (where the geishas in training graduate and walk around the city in full costume).

Everyone is really nice. Talk to as many people as you can because they'll go out of their way to make sure you have fun.