Thursday, February 17, 2005

Go Teabag Douglas Adams Some More You Big Fruit

So the Hitchhiker's Guide trailer is up at Amazon, as I was about to blog before I checked Sarah's blog, expecting that she was the most likely to beat me to this sort of thing. Indeed she was.

I enjoyed the trailer--it has a nice build to it. The Office's likable Martin Freeman draws me in immediately. I like the black text on white intertitles, the way the opening swings from mundane and small to absurd and big. Mos Def does well, and the Guide itself looks cool. Once we get to the wacky stuff, eh, I could take it or leave it, but it's all cut together with so much energy it makes the movie seem really fun.

So, for the movie: Nice cast, as for the rest, who knows? For the trailer: Very slick and well-assembled. As for the book: Fun but overrated (Sacrilege!).

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Simon said...

Personally I've actually always considered the two Dirk Gently detective books Douglas Adams wrote to be superior to the five books of the Hitchhiker trilogy.