Friday, February 18, 2005


Herbie: Fully Loaded director Angela Robinson's debut feature was a film called D.E.B.S., which I think started out as a short and played at some festivals, then got remade as a feature, then sat around not getting a theatrical release for a long time. Somehow, it got Robinson the Herbie gig. Since there's still no Herbie trailer, this can be considered a taste of the director's style. It's not too slick looking, but that might be due to D.E.B.S.'s low budget.

D.E.B.S. is one of those movie concepts that's simultaneously so great and so stupid you can't tell which one it really is. Watch the trailer and you'll see what I mean. It also features Jordana Brewster as the villain. Some may remember that I briefly had a secondhand crush on Jordana Brewster because I thought she would make a good Rally Vincent.

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