Wednesday, February 23, 2005

...And They're Spectacular

With regard to Herbie: Fully Loaded: Gossip site Defamer spreads the rumor that Lindsay Lohan's breasts are creating a problem.


lydia said...

I don't have a problem with large breasts, but I prefer a nicer curve, rather than LL's butt-breasts in that photo. It showed up on the cover of my Interview magazine earlier this year, and I was hit by unpleasant memories of RenFaire.

Zack said...

You know, having followed the link when Kenny first posted it, I'm pretty sure that the image on the page Kenny linked to was different. Her breasts were less butt in the other picture.

I am making thrice-removed commentary about a stranger's body part, albeit a body part which was augmented on purpose by said stranger. This is strange and I am going to stop.

Meli said...

I feel that one the one hand I should stand up for the large-breasted women of the world; after all, I have on occasion been gobsmacked when looking at recent pictures, and have been known to say to Matt, "Jesus- they're huge! They're, like, bigger than my head!".

In addition, big boobies, and the creation thereof, bought me pretty much everything my parents ever gave me, and for that I am grateful.

Nevertheless, I must admit that one of my great pleasures in life is watching the first few episodes of each Survivor season and picking out the fakies!