Monday, February 07, 2005

Alternate Timelines

I haven't read it yet, but I just discovered that has posted Bob Gale's early draft of Back to the Future Part II, which featured a stop in 1967, where Marty deals with hippies and somehow interferes with his parents in a way that endangers his own conception.


Ali said...

Seriously though, the "Back to the Future" trilogy is pretty rad.

matt said...

if a pretty rad trilogy is a great movie followed by a crappy movie followed by a forgettable movie, then i concur.

Zack said...

It can also consist of a great movie followed by a forgettable movie followed by a crappy movie, a la Die Hard.

But in both cases, that first movie not only anchors and defines the trilogy, but increases in stature by virtue of being part of a trilogy. It's circular but, as a fellow student of Celtic Studies, surely you can appreciate the awesome power of threes.

Trilogies, unlike individual movies, get to drop the lowest grade.

Kenny said...

I take issue with the appraisal of the Die Hard trilogy in particular. I think Die Hard 3 is quite good, and 2 is the weakest link.

Just to weigh in here:

Back to the Future:
I: Great
II: Mediocre
III: Forgettable (agreed)

Die Hard:
I: Great
II: Terrible (not just forgettable)
III: Almost Great in its own way