Thursday, January 06, 2005

We're On A Break

What with the Tivo and all the DVDs and the unreliable mail service, Stephanie has floated the idea of temporarily discontinuing Netflix. This is sad, since Netflix is among the greatest things in the known universe, especially if you, like me, are unable to gauge the true importance of things.

With so much precious Netflix goodness left on our ever-expanding queue, it's hard to let go. But we already downgraded to the two-at-a-time, four-movies-a-month plan, and we still haven't been able to watch even that many movies for the past two months. Partly this is because the last three things Netflix sent us disappeared in the mail, lost to a larcenous neighbor or postal employee. But partly we are bad at watching them, letting theatrical outings or television consume our free time instead.

Even as we adjust to Tivo, the problem of entertainment inundation remains, just as it had existed before Tivo. The fact that Tivo does not exacerbate the problem does not mean that it alleviates it.

So perhaps it is time to bid a temporary farewell to Netflix. You know, see what the room is like without any furniture in it. Get to know ourselves without Netflix, see who we are on our own. We can always get back together. But for now, maybe we'll experiment with other rental outlets. Hollywood Video or something. It's better this way. We weren't spending the quality time with Netflix that it deserved. Maybe later, when we're in a different place, more mature, Netflix can come back and we can settle down.


Cassie said...

Just say it, Kenny. Say it. "It's me, not you." Don't be afraid. Netflix may scoff at first, but eventually she will come to realize the truth of it all, that it was all your fault, that she gave and gave and gave and you just took and took and took.

I'm enjoying this recent personification of inanimate entertainment media. What's next?

lydia said...

You're a jerk, Kenny. Tivo was your pre-bound, wasn't it? Sure, you say it's not taking the place of Netflix, but I think we've all see this before.