Thursday, January 06, 2005

Original Blogga

I mentioned to Lydia and Zack my Production classmate Justin Hall, an Interactive Media student who photographed himself naked in a Japanese love hotel bath. I mentioned that he's kind of a weird character, and that he has a blog.

Zack might be interested to know that Justin, befitting his field of study, is heavily into interactive/digital media of all types, including video games. Some may recall the Game Girl Advance site and its piece on Rez and the vibrator accessory available in Japan, and the accompanying story about the girl "trying it out" while her boyfriend played Rez (I think this may have been linked from Penny Arcade at some point). Justin was in fact the co-founder of Game Girl Advance, and he was that boyfriend.

I also did not mention, indeed, I did not realize until today that, if some of these blurbs are to be believed, Justin not only has A blog, he has what is allegedly THE blog, that is, the first blog-as-we-know-it of all time:

And Justin Hall of was probably the first individual to post a running commentary about his Web discoveries, on "Links from the Under ground," back in the Web's Jurassic era (1994).

Don't I feel like a poseur for chatting with him in class, all "Oh, I have a blog too!" with my sad little template. This man, this Internet force of nature, aptly described by Variety as "an over-the-top, androgynous eccentric who sees himself as a Messiah spreading the gospel of the Web... draw[ing] both loathing and fandom" (definitely my first impression) has been blogging since before "blogging" was even a dopey, made-up word of disputable legitimacy. He pioneered the concept of self-indulgent online diaries peppered with links of interest way back in nineteen-ninety-fucking-FOUR, practically before there was a fucking Internet, and here I am telling him to check out my thing on "" Cripes.

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lydia said...

wait, the ok-with-his-girlfriend-posting-panty-pics-of-using-a-Rez-vibrator guy is the same as the love hotel guy and also the asphyxiation guy? Is this another one of those "don't be that guy" deals, or in this case, is it cool to be "that guy"?

By the way, when you mentioned a champagne glass bath tub, I was picturing it more like this. I like the round bed, though.