Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Leonard Maltin Gave It Two and a Half Stars

This semester I'm taking a seminar at USC taught by Leonard Maltin, which from what I'm told is mainly screening and discussion of current movies. I picked up the book for the class at the bookstore today. It's The Movie Business Book, third edition, by Jason E. Squire and features a cover blurb from Maltin: "A valuable book full of smarts and straight talk. I use it in my class at USC."

Oh, Leonard Maltin. We know. All that's missing is for the book to contain a picture of me reading the book, turned to the page with the picture of me reading the book.

Looking at one of the required books for another class, I picked up a used copy and flipped through it. All the pages were blank, like a book from an alternate timeline in Back to the Future. Was this a joke? An elaborate novelty notepad? A clever test to see who'd done the reading, so the professor could ask, "Did everyone read this?" and we'd say "Yes," and he's say, "Psych! It's blank, you liars"? Sadly, no. The next copy I'd picked up was full of boring-looking text.

The funny thing is the blank copy was used, which means that someone once did buy it without opening it, then sold it back to someone else who bought it back without flipping through it and put it back on the shelves.

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Anonymous said...

I bought a misnumbered (new) copy of "Gravity's Rainbow" once from Ned's. It jumped from Page 180 to 265. At the time, I was reading ahead, but all of our lectures were about how Thomas Pynchon was defying the conventions of the novel, and breaking down barriers, so I thought it was intentional. Then, a week later, the professor told us the printer had made a mistake. It was disappointing, but not quite as disappointing as actually reading "Gravity's Rainbow" all the way through turned out to be.