Sunday, January 23, 2005

Folding Under Pressure

There's a cool blog called Preshrunk that links to clever T-shirts online, like this and this. As well as a guide to how to fold T-shirts in a way that will dazzle and confuse anyone watching.

Also, there's a site where people submit shitty ideas for T-shirt slogans and then vote on which one wins and gets put on a T-shirt to sell. Kind of like Hot or Not for hypothetical shirts, and then someone else makes money off your idea.


Sarah said...

That's some awesome T-shirt folding. I've got a Glarkware T-shirt that's red and has the word "SAUCY" in yellow. I like it. It's very soft. (It is still second to the Batjew T, though.) My SIL got one from there that said "Zombies are the new black." Anyway, cool site, yeah.

Zack said...

Are ... are there sites like that with videos of people folding pants, socks, sweaters, and more? Because I would experience glee if you said it was so.