Sunday, January 23, 2005

Five and Three are Eight. Anyone Knows That

I'll assume the ongoing lack of response to my Herbie: Fully Loaded news is simply because you're all awestruck and speechless at how great it's going to be.

No, I'm kidding. Naturally we all need to scale back our expectations, or we'll only set ourselves up for disappointment. I'm going forth with a cautious optimism. Who knows, if it turns out to be really bad, there's a chance I may only see it in the theater once.

For now, there's this official "sizzle reel" with animatics and brief snippets of behind-the-scenes footage, and a segment in the middle of this Disney's Movie Surfers Online, in which an annoying Asian girl goes out to meet Herbie, bringing us precious little information while attempting wide-eyed excitement. I say "attempting" because her Oriental eyes only get so wide, after all.

Update: I forgot to mention the poster. Lohan looks pretty dopey in it. I don't know who chose her picture. But Herbie is nice and prominent. Interestingly, they went for that "illustrated" effect that Ryan liked so much, and which he used to depict Herbie in my Love Bug piece for the Squelch.

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