Sunday, December 05, 2004


Last week one of our production professors, Mark W. Gray, brought in Back to Back, one of the early films in his cinematography career, and performed a live commentary as it played. In turn, we could ask him questions about the production or laugh and make fun of it. Fortunately, he has no problem admitting it's just a cheesy John-Woo-rip-off action B-movie. It stars Michael Rooker, the bald dad from Mallrats, as a hothead ex-cop (is there any other kind?) who reluctantly teams up with a Yakuza hitman against a morbidly obese Italian mob boss.

The movie, while bad, is just bad enough to be amusing throughout, which keeps it eminently watchable throughout all its deliciously laughable cliches. And it's well shot.

Watch the trailer and have a taste.

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