Tuesday, December 21, 2004

NetZero: "Suck It, AOL"

I'm a bit behind the curve on this, but NetZero did a couple of ads directly spoofing AOL's recent ad campaign.

This is pretty funny, not because the parodies themselves are that funny... well, okay, they are. They do boast an impressive attention to detail, recreating sets, props, and even the ethnicities of minor actors (if not the quality of production value), but they mainly shine because it's such a terrifically mean thing to do. When NetZero attacks AOL like this, they're killing all the effort AOL put into the campaign. AOL's ads are a laughingstock and they have to pull them or further airings will only remind people of the parodies.

You have to imagine the AOL people in their real boardroom when someone rushes in with a tape:

"Did you see this NetZero commercial?"

[seething rage mixed with colossal embarrassment and humiliation]

"Oh, f[---]."

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