Sunday, December 05, 2004


Inspired by Zembla's exhaustive Sean Keane search, I set out to see if there were any Kenny Byerlys afoot, threatening to rival my own web presence. For some reason I'd never Googled my name with "quote marks" before, resulting in a lot of Kennys and a lot of Byerlys that were wholly unrelated to each other.

So today I did it right, and lo and behold, I dominate every search result for "Kenny Byerly" through every results page, abridged or not (except for the son of some dead woman in an obituary)!

However, I discovered that if you search "Ken Byerly" or "Kenneth Byerly" you get many people who aren't me. Good thing I never made the upgrade to a grown-up name, or I would be fighting for hits right now.

However, the Daily Cal story for my second External VP run lists me as a Kenneth, so this is the only way to look back on the "Ass Cat Cool Cat" candidacy.

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Anonymous said...

You're lucky (or perhaps unluky) to have a relatively unique name. I'm completely googleproof, sharing a name with some artist, two or three Hollywood big shots, and the chair of the National Economic Council.

And yes, I'm actually reading your blog.