Thursday, December 02, 2004


Vin Diesel continues his string of brilliant career moves with The Pacifier. You must watch this trailer. It's fantastic. I don't know if I mean that ironically or sincerely, but it's fantastic one way or another. High concept at its best and most ludicrous. I guess it's kind of Kindergarten Cop meets Suburban Commando, which is not saying much since those were kind of the same idea.

Addendum: When I say fantastic, I mean in a "so dumb it's great" kind of way, and when I say sincere, I mean "so great it's almost not dumb."

There's a moment about halfway through the trailer when I realized--and I should have realized this much sooner, immediately really--anyway, there's a moment when I realized he's going to turn out to be the perfect dad. And I went all teary-eyed.

Best line: "You're telling me protecting these kids is a matter of national security?"


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't know Kenny. I mean maybe I'd have come to a different solution if I watched it with audio, but it looks pretty horrible.
And as far as the comparison to Kindergarden Cop and Suburban Commando, meh, ok. I really liked Indergarden Cop, it was on the other day and I wanted to watch it, but had something else I had to do and couldn't. S.Comm. don't care to witness ever again.
The thing that kept occuring to me was how big Vin Diesel's nose is. I was suprised, but then again, normally you see him wearing slick clothes and sunglasses or jumping from airplanes, where I guess I've never really noticed how round and gigantic his nose is. I just think he's just lame, and I think I can stop right there.

Zack said...

You know, he was very good in Iron Giant. I've never noticed his big nose. I certainly have noticed his soft, dumb-but-not-cute puppy dog face grafted to his action hero body. It's weird.

I assume that in the future we will digitally replace Vin Diesel with The Rock in every Vin Diesel movie. Else I will go to my grave disappointed.

lydia said...

I'd say this is the feel-good trailer of the year! Really, it almost makes me want to see the movie. Or Shaolin Soccer (again), which has a better parallel-parking moment at the end of the Miramax trailer.

Diesel-wise, I think I like their jeans best.