Sunday, December 26, 2004

Collateral Damage

I saw Collateral this week on hotel pay-per-view. Quite good. I normally dislike Tom Cruise, especially when he takes on incongruous period roles (The Last Samurai, which was good in spite of itself, and in spite of Cruise, who made an admirable effort in a role that didn't really fit him) or showoffy junk like M:I 2, which plays like it was made just so that Tom Cruise could brag about doing his own stunts. Also, any time Cruise has long hair, it adds an extra degree of irritation. He seems to like his hair long. I wonder if he realizes it makes him look shorter.

Anyway, Collateral. Tom Cruise is excellent in it. It's the perfect type of role for him. Slick, confident, oddly charming and persuasive. Plus, he gets to stretch, playing his first villain, and he nails it. Well done. Easily my favorite Tom Cruise performance, since Jerry Maguire is an annoying movie even though he fits the role.

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