Sunday, December 05, 2004

AmiYumiUpdate: "I'm too cool to be excited."

Lydia lent me a tape of the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Show. The show had been taped over some old movie that had previously made its residence on the tape. When I popped it into my VCR, something strange happened: I saw the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Show, but I heard the old movie. I fast-forwarded, but the sound never recovered. It was as if only the video track had been recorded over, and the old movie sound remained crystal-clear.

This is especially strange since Lydia apparently was able to watch this tape with no problems.

So I set my VCR for 7:30 Friday, just like the billboards all over town say, but on Saturday I checked the tape and it was a different show! It was beginning to look like I was cursed to never experience the Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi Show. I checked the Cartoon Network website. I was in luck! An episode was about to air at 11:30 AM Saturday, a mere twenty minutes away. I took a quick shower to make sure I was fresh and clean to watch Puffy AmiYumi.

My verdict: The show is dopey, but also cute and fun to watch. Once you get into the groove you forgive its dopiness. The chick-rock-cool, especially the Yumi character's "bad-girl" put-on, is so silly and broad it's practically a parody. As Lydia told me, the live-action intro and outro segments are the best parts, but they are very, very short. The episode I saw had Ami and Yumi pointing out their hometowns (Osaka and Tokyo) on a map of Japan, then getting into an argument over which is better. At the end of the show, their fight has escalated to the point that they fall down and knock over the map. Ami sums up that now you know where they are from. Yumi pokes her head in and whispers "Osaka's better."

After Puffy was Teen Titans, which has been using a Puffy-sung theme song for awhile now, which makes me smile a lot.

(The quote in my headline is from a story in the episode in which the girls' manager replaces them with robots so he can make more money by having them all perform in different places at once. The robo-Ami introduces herself with "I'm Ami. I'm excited to meet you." and the robo-Yumi ('cause she's a bad girl) says "I'm Yumi. I'm too cool to be excited.")

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lydia said...

that's really bizarre that the tape didn't work, since it worked on our VCR. oh well, at least you got to see the show eventually.