Friday, November 12, 2004


No, not that one.

One of my favorite music-performing entities, J-pop sensations Puffy Amiyumi, suddenly and inexplicably has a cartoon show on the Cartoon Network.

In case you're not familiar, Puffy Amiyumi (just Puffy in Japan, where they don't have to worry about being confused with a certain since-renamed hip-hop mogul) rise above the usual level of cheesy guilty-pleasure J-pop with catchy old-school rock tunes with diverse influences from the Beatles to, well, other things, and a rocking back-up band that plays actual instruments with great vigor.

Plus, Ami and Yumi are charming, spunky, and cute, and highly appealing performers, even if their voices are admittedly nothing special on their own. I think Ami is the one I like better.

I'm not so sure about this cartoon, though, which seems to have little to do with the real girls. They show up in the opening, and their songs are used throughout, but they don't do the voices (apparently they had to get actors who could, you know, speak English) and the wacky lives of the characters seem to have very little relevance to the real Puffy Amiyumi. I want to like it, but there's not enough actual Puffy enjoyment to be had here, at least from the look of the clips on the website. Far better are the clips of the opening sequence and the Teen Titans theme, which at least feature the real girls performing.

I'm glad this may increase Puffy Amiyumi awareness in America, but it's so tenuously connected to the real girls I don't know who it will appeal to. People who don't know them wouldn't particularly care about this either, would they?


lydia said...

We went to the Metreon on Sat., and they kept playing a trailer/commercial for the cartoon. It was adorable, but I agree... Puffy in America? hmm.

C said...

I've been seeing the puffy commercial, but didn't make the connection. i unfortunately can't devote the same hours to tv per day as i used to, but i'll have to find time to watch it for myself.

also cn has started playing super milk chan. the one episode i saw wasn't much better than at ax, but it didn't involve the live action. she's so cute, i wish the show was.

C said...

i just saw it, and it's fantastic! also, fast paced and short.

Kenny said...

Really? I forgot about it because I was busy shooting a movie this week, but I guess I should check it out next Friday.

Anonymous said...


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