Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Oh, come on

Drudge Report readers have probably already seen this link, but it's too ridiculous to ignore.

46-Year-Old Reportedly Trying To Convert Lions To Christianity

POSTED: 3:27 pm EST November 3, 2004
UPDATED: 4:59 pm EST November 3, 2004

A man was attacked and injured after jumping into a lion's den at the Taipei Zoo and trying to convert the lions to Christianity.

The 46-year-old man leaped into the den of African lions and shouted "Jesus will save you," according to the report. He also said, "Come bite me" before one of the male lions attacked and bit the man.
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Video showed the lion ripping a jacket off the man at the zoo in Taiwan's capital, clawing him and then biting the man in the leg.

Zoo workers were able to drive off the lion with water hoses and tranquilizer guns.

The lions were fed earlier in the day otherwise the man might have been more seriously injured or killed.

My favorite part is "Come bite me."


Zack said...
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Zack said...

My favorite part is "Come bite me."I'm pretty sure that was the lions' favorite part, too.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

oh ya and i didnt even read your site either!

Kenny said...

I wish she left a link. I totally want to see that post!