Monday, November 15, 2004

lol jk

Is this what high school is like now? This is so sad.

See the WHS JUNIORS PAGE and the one for girls. Obviously teenagers making idiots of themselves on the internet is nothing new but most teen blogs are so incoherent you can't even get your bearings enough to laugh at them. Here you get just enough context for your ego-boosting sense of smug superiority.


cyshas said...

Well on the "girls" page. I do have to say that's exactly what's going through my mind in regards to my ex-boyfriend....expect for the girlfriend on the side thing. But I can expound in other ways. But I have decided it too petty, tempting though, to send him hate mail, a virus, or even just take a bat to his flaky head. Sorry still riled about this weekend....give me a couple months to get rid of the inner rage.

Kenny said...

I can't find the part you're referring to. Is there something where she's mad at a guy? And Andrea, is this a new ex-boyfriend I haven't heard about? Did you date and break up with yet another guy?