Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Girly Page!!!

Checking in on The Girly Page!!! to stay in a high school mindset as I work on my new script (another high school comedy), I find this gem:

"so i came back to school and i had 8th period off so i went to my car. My dumb ass did not lock my door. So i go in and there is a codom that looked used on the shifter thing. It was so gross i had to odviously take it off to change gears so i did with a napkin and threw it in the parking lot. GROSS!!!! anywho went home, changed, shoved food in my mouth, sprayed 409 on the shifter, and went to basketball practice. oh yea it's Scotty's B-Day he's freaking 15, lol he's Jen's age!!"


Sarah said...


We were talking about the spongemonkeys on Saturday, so I thought these might amuse you. Lydia and I should cosplay as those for Fanime.

Kenny said...

Hmm... looks like she took down that post. Too embarrassing? I'm glad I quoted it.