Tuesday, November 23, 2004

All About the Anderson

New mini-trailers for The Life Aquatic are up, framed as "webisodes" although the "webisode" portion of each is pretty brief. But they're entertaining, at least as much as the full trailer, if not more so, and the music on them is great, too.

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Zack said...

I stood up for "blog", and I stood up for "netiquette", and I stood up for "emoticon" until the meaning of "smiley" became sufficiently broad, and I might even stand up for "pwn" and "r0xx0r" if pushed, but I will not stand up for "webisode". What an awful word.

Movie looks good. Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Wes Anderson. Past intersections of these names have been to my liking. I think I might see this film!