Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Shades of Gray

A USC pal steered me to these fanboy short films at Especially worth checking out, supposedly, are Grayson and Batman: Dead End. Also World's Finest.

The idea, I think, is that comic fans who happen to be aspiring filmmakers are attempting to do justice to their favorite characters in ways that Hollywood can't seem to manage.

I've actually only seen Grayson so far. Every one of these things seems to download in a different way. Grayson downloads as a zip file, of all things, then you unzip it and watch the Quicktime file. World's Finest is on iFilm but when I tried it some piece of crap music video played instead. Dead End opened some window where a movie never materialized.

Anyway, Grayson is framed as an elaborate movie trailer for a film that will never exist about Dick Grayson resuming the Robin mantle to avenge Batman's death. It's weird to watch because it's such a painfully geeky labor of fanboy love, so much time and effort and resources and talent invested in a project that will not, indeed, cannot ever go anywhere. But someone really wanted to see their vision of this story brought to life in an enticing but incomplete way. Cheesy acting, yes, but DC cameos abound, loyalties and allegiances appear to be tested, and there is certainly plenty for a casual comic fan (is there such a thing?) to be intrigued by, even at a bemused distance.

There are even a couple shots in Grayson that are actually shot at the USC campus library.


Zack said...

It got harder to take the Grayson trailer seriously every time a new superhero turned up. I also couldn't get Dead End to work.

Kenny said...

Oh, I'm sure if you actually saw the hypothetical movie it would make sense why Robin is fighting the entire Justice League.