Friday, October 08, 2004


Stephanie went home for the weekend but I'm too busy to leave town. The silence is deafening. So weird being here all by myself.

I'm really immersed in the editing of my second USC short. It's a fight scene, and I'm really excited about how it's coming along (knock on wood). It's a brisk, visceral, energetic scene that really moves. The flow works well and it cuts together better than I'd expected after shooting. Getting the finer points of the sound mix perfected is the toughest thing, especially trying to keep the sound meter from going into the red zone. That's taking a lot of time. I think I might finish tomorrow in time to output a digital cut to a tape. Hope so, since I'm working at Kaplan on Sunday.

The Cal/USC game is tomorrow, too. I'm hoping to catch some of that on TV. But I'm helping a classmate shoot his film in the morning, and then I'll be editing in the afternoon, so it probably won't happen unless I tape it, and then who cares?

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