Sunday, October 31, 2004

Imagineer This

The website of the Save Disney movement has some interesting features ripping on the gradual deterioration of Disneyland under Eisner's watch. Some highlights are the comparison shots of Tomorrowland when it started versus the way it appears after the soul-sucking 1998 overhaul, and a detailed account of the corporate changes that blindly charged ahead without giving creative concerns their due. Especially amusing is the part where they thought California Adventure would be packed every day, and the former Imagineer who declared "I liked it better as a parking lot."

The author holds the old Tomorrowland in high regard. It does gleam beautifully in the shots from the '70s, but it was getting laughably dated by the '90s. Even so, he has a point about the mess they've made in the renovation. I have fond memories of the People Mover and the Skyway.

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Anonymous said...

The People Mover was my favorite ride. No line, ever. Long enough but not too long. Never had to share the car with anybody. It was fabulous. Nice to see someone else enjoyed it, too.