Monday, October 25, 2004

Get Arrested

...Development on DVD. It's out now, and it's great. Now's your chance, Zack, to incorporate this show into your DVD-based television-viewing lifestyle. If you buy it and don't like it, I promise to say I'm sorry.

Even if you watch broadcast TV, this is the perfect time to show your support for what's arguably the best show currently running, and to abandon your excuse of not knowing what time it's on. The toughest thing about getting into this show was always catching up with the characters without the benefit of introductory episodes, and now even that is a non-issue.

Seriously, go out and buy it. Trust me. This is my Katamari Damacy.

Fox should pay me money for this post.


Anonymous said...

It's really a great show. It sounds like it'd be boring, but then you actually watch it and it's really a wonderful change of pace.

Just one problem. It's on the wrong damned network. It's clearly an HBO-style show and it's stuck on Fox, a network which has degraded and whored its audience to such an extent that they're not actually capable of running good programming because their retard audience won't watch it.

A similar thing happened with Andy Richter Controls the Universe, which was clearly an NBC-style show but was stuck on Fox's crap lineup.

Thank goodness Arrested Development won all those awards and got a second season, but I'm doubtful it can pull that same trick twice.

Anonymous said...

Damn this anonymous comment system and its lack of a name box.

Kenny said...

Thanks for the support.

While Fox is a whore throughout most of the week, I feel compelled to defend their Sunday night lineup if nothing else. Arrested Development is the best thing on network TV right now, but personally, I think all the runner-ups are also on Fox Sunday night.

Malcolm in the Middle is still solid, coming off a great fifth season that was better than the fourth. Its evolution into an ensemble show rather than a show focused on Malcolm has only strengthened it.

King of the Hill is another show that seems boring until you watch it, and then you realize almost every line is priceless.

Then, of course, there's The Simpsons. Granted, throughout the past year I couldn't be bothered to care about a single thing that happened, and I'm thoroughly sick of limp attempts to inject "heart" via storylines about Homer making Marge mad at him then learning to be more sensitive, but come on, it's The Simpsons.

Oliver Beene was a weird, not-very-good show that was a strange cross between Malcolm and The Wonder Years, and often confused smart edginess with dumb bad taste, but it was a good effort and had a strong cast.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a huge contradiction in Fox.

Fox is incapable of succeeding with a show like Arrested Development or Andy Richter because of the degradation I spoke of, but oddly enough, and probably thanks to the Simpsons, they are capable of brilliant subversive comedies like Malcolm.

It's sort of like a much more intelligent version of Married with Children, which while crude, also had that sense of mischief in prime time.

I sort of drifted away from Malcolm as my TV viewing decreased and the plots got convoluted and confusing, but it has a sort of wonderful manic and downright evil energy to it.

The moment that hooked my brother was when Reese horribly mutilated his leg riding that electric scooter, and then together he and Malcolm heartlessly convinced Lois' coworker whose house they had burned down in a previous episode that he had run over Reese's leg. It's just such an evil moment and the main characters on a prime time family sitcom did it.

So yes, Fox is capable of one brilliant night which is more than some other networks can say, but on the whole the network is an impressive lesson in the horrors of trying to market yourself to an ever-changing 18 to 27 year old demographic.