Monday, October 18, 2004

Comic Strip Review: Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!

I'm not too fond of newcomer Brewster Rockit: Space Guy! I like that the idea for the strip is unconventional and takes a different tone than most strips; unfortunately, the subject and tone chosen can be pretty much summed up as a second-rate imitation of Futurama. It even hits the same notes of meanness, idiocy, and absurdity. And far too much reliance on the word "spleen," even if it is all in the service of the same running gag of Winky getting abused.

However, I do like the joke in today's strip, which works surprisingly well. It also made me realize that there has been a running story arc about the Death-Ship for the past several weeks, which I didn't even notice while reading the strip intermittently. This might be the strip that pushes the strip from "trying and unfunny" to "tolerable and occasionally worthwhile." Sometimes it just takes one to do that.

Already I can go back through the archives and find bits that amuse me more than they used to, thanks to my slightly higher view of the strip. Some, of course, remain unfunny and confusing.


Zack said...

Is this in newspapers round your way? I've never seen it ... yet!

I had a similar experience with Get Fuzzy, which I thought was terrible until the storyline where Bucky takes Fungo (the ferret) to Judge Judy, and for like a straight month was just dressed up in a ridiculous, adorable, Donald Duckian baby outfit. Over a solid month of insisting visually that the strip was funny, Darby Conley convinced me, somehow, it's now my favorite running strip, and I even like the older material.

Kevin said...

Just so you know, Kenny, I picked Tampa Bay over Chicago this week. Both are 1-Alot, but Tampa Bay is at home and is playing better since they switched to Griese at QB. It's a risky bet, but sometimes fortune favors the brave.