Saturday, September 25, 2004

Zombies Ate My Neighbours

I don't cotton to zombie movies, generally. I'm not a fan of the excessive gore that goes with the territory, plus they're among the types of fantasy that I just have no interest in. I may tolerate zombies for the sake of other pleasures, as in Resident Evil, where I put up with watching zombies in exchange for chicks with guns. As much as I love chicks with guns, I'm not sure I came out ahead in that trade-off.

However, the English import Shaun of the Dead is a very funny, highly likable movie that's worth checking out. In terms of tolerating zombies for the sake of comedy, you'll come out ahead in the bargain. Even if, like me and apparently Sarah, you don't normally like zombie flicks, it's a good time at the movies, and there's only one really gruesome disemboweling. I worried that I wouldn't appreciate it because I wouldn't get all the zombie references. I did miss most of the references, but I understood enough. If you know the basic rules of zombies--they lumber around, eat people, and turn them into more zombies--you can enjoy this movie.

The trailer gives away some of the great moments, which will no doubt diminish your laughter if and when you see them later in the context of the actual film. I didn't see this trailer before I saw the movie, and watching it now, it makes me glad I went in fresh. If you're doubtful, though, it gives a good idea of the tone.

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Sarah said...

I'm so glad you liked it. I reallyreally enjoyed that movie, and I'm not a horror movie fiend.