Thursday, August 05, 2004

Where Cars and Anime Collide get this. I take issue with the description of a "Herbie the Love Bug style cartoon car," as Herbie never winked or glared, and didn't have expressive eyelids except in annoying promotional art. True, he did turn his headlights in Monte Carlo and Bananas, but that's a far cry from these cars.

I've always wanted a car that could display scrolling messages to the persons in front of or behind you. This isn't that, but it's a start in car-to-car communication.

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Zack said...

Oh God, this is awesome. I wish I could see the other labeled bits of the car face (the NYT article is too old to have a picture anymore).

In my opinion, a face is a much better idea than a scrolling messager. Faces can be read instantaneously, and even subconsciously; a scrolling message would be a constant distraction for the duration of the message. It would make the road less safe, I think ... unless all you used it for was the display of emoticons.