Sunday, August 22, 2004


Stephanie and I start classes at USC this week; Stephanie starts her second year and I start my first. This weekend we took our only vacation of the summer. Stephanie has been wanting to go to Hearst Castle since school got out in the spring, and we've been too busy to ever go. We set aside this, our last free weekend, to make the dream a reality.

On Saturday we drove up to San Simeon to check out the castle. A large-format movie (IMAX without the trademark) did a good job of making Hearst seem like a decent fellow despite its cast of laughable actors. Nice photography of Hearst Castle, but much more of the California coastline and European sights that inspired Julia Morgan's architecture. The place was impressive, but I don't want to write about it. If rich men's houses full of centuries-old art treasures turn you on, check it out. Also, amazing swimming pools no one will ever get to swim in again. I wonder if the tour guides ever go after hours. They should. If they don't, it's a waste.

We stayed the night at the Days Inn in Morro Bay, where they had a lukewarm hot tub that holds about five people, provided those people are trim and do not demand reasonable amounts of personal space. Essentially, it's not so much a hotel spa as the kind of hot tub you install in your backyard, if you have a small backyard. We were soon joined in the spa by Barry Livingston and his family. Livingston plays the press secretary in the upcoming Katie Holmes film First Daughter, which we discussed. However, he didn't mention that he was also a child actor on My Three Sons, a role that no doubt led to his role as "Himself" in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star.

Stephanie and I bought toy cars with Morro Bay surfboards on top of them. The cars have magnets glued onto them so they stick to the refrigerator. Stephanie got a New Mini Cooper and I got a white VW Beetle. We also bought little dishes for soy sauce, and I got a cool new jacket that I look awesome in. And new shoes at the outlet stores on the way back. Okay, this is stupid boring now.

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lydia said...

gosh, kenny, I bet you look "hawt" in that jacket!