Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The Olympics bore me

So, apparently it's Olympics time again. There are the colorful rings on the cover of my Time magazine, along with a big picture of U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps. What's the spacing between the Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics? Are they two years apart? The same year? I don't even pay attention, I just know that the Olympics, whatever it is, sure seems to show up more than once every four years.

Oh, sure, if a TV is on, I'll watch the athletic feats on display. I'll be mildly entertained by the exercise of comparing the numbers the judges put up with my own uninformed mental estimates. But I don't seek it out, or care about the winners.

This surely has to do with my apathy for watching or following sports in general, but the Olympics feel even more daunting. At least if you follow football or basketball or something, the teams are always there and you can keep track of them. Here, a bunch of athletes just show up and we're supposed to care who wins. Luckily it's easy to fall back on rooting for America, but actually knowing the names of our up-and-comers? Way too much work.

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cyshas said...

I actually like the Olympics. But I remember last time, there was always these events I wanted watch: martial arts, gymnastics, etc. Unfortunately every time I turned on the TV I always got volleyball. *_* I don't think I ever watched any of the events I liked. I think this year I'll just watch the dragon races in NYC instead.