Thursday, August 19, 2004

Links to the Past

Maybe everyone saw these already, but Cynthia's cat restaurant news story also had links to this and this.

Ah, the strange news section.


lydia said...

Kenny, I feel like you wrote these articles yourself and somehow managed to smuggle them onto Yahoo News. I love the bear one. It's *so* some Raineer Beer employee with a really good costume.

The last line of the boobs article was odd. If there's anything I want to change, I'm sure I could change it myself. Really? To your breasts? I hope she continues to be happy with what she has, because I don't want to see the alternative, and neither does Mark Kulkis.

matt said...

My favorite part of the beer bear article is:

"Agents then used a large, humane trap to capture it for relocation, baiting the trap with the usual: doughnuts, honey and, in this case, two open cans of Rainier. That did the trick."

Hell, that would have gotten me.