Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Kind Of Almost Near Award-Winning

My script, Escape From Pleasanton Middle School, reached the Quarterfinalist level before getting knocked out of competition in this years Scriptapalooza contest. That's cool, I guess, since according to their email to me, only about the top ten percent of entries make it to that level. On the other hand, if you look at the list, that's still an awful lot of scripts, many with dumb-sounding titles.

It is some kind of recognition, though. Is it impressive at all to bill a script as a "Scriptapalooza Quarterfinalist?"

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lydia said...

Well, this is what the Scriptapalooza web site has to say about quarter-finalists, semi-finalists, and finalists: "Production companies are requesting them consistantly." So you shouldn't even have to mention it. I think they'll request you/the script, and probably keep doing so, according to this page.

Really though, congrats, and I think it's fine to attach the award to the script.