Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Action!: The Film School Chronicles

No doubt many are curious about what it is like to attend one of the nation's most prestigious film schools. It is like this:

Day One: The majority of Day One is spent trudging back and forth between a building on campus and the car, to add money to the one-hour-limit meter a block away from campus where Stephanie parked because the Parking Center (which we paid a large sum of money for the privilege to use) is full.

Let me clarify: Stephanie and I share a parking pass, so on this day she drops me off in the morning and plans to come back and park in the Parking Center, a big garage. But it is full when she arrives, so she parks at a meter near my building (a block off campus) and goes to her meeting. By the time I get out of my class, she's in her meeting and I can't reach her. I add money and go to find her, but can't. After waiting and searching for an hour, I return to the car to add more money to the meter, at which point she finally gets out of her meeting and calls. I still must finish the trek to the meter, add money, and go all the way back to pick up the keys (once we agree on a drop-off point, since she has another class), then back to the car yet again to drive it to the garage, away from that hellish curse of a parking space.

All this walking wouldn't be a big deal if my increasingly heavy laptop bag weren't digging into my shoulder the whole time. Bringing the laptop turns out to be pointless anyway, since the downtime I had expected to use the laptop to fill is being eaten up by the walking-back-and-forth business. This totals about an hour and fifteen minutes of time, or two and a half laps. I pep-talk myself with reminders that carrying a heavy laptop is nothing compared to what Olympic athletes go through.

Also, I went to some classes.

Day Two: A skateboard is preferable to a computer, I decide. But my wish to navigate campus unfettered by heavy objects is once again thwarted when I am the first to take home an expensive video camera and tripod, with which I must shoot something within the next two days before passing it on to a classmate.

Fortunately, Stephanie arrives at exactly the right time for me to load the stuff right into the car. Of course, I cannot leave this stuff unattended, so today my downtime consists of me driving home to put the camera away, then driving back to campus. While I am at home I eat the lunch that Stephanie packed and brought for me to eat at school.

Also, there is much homework.


Evan said...

hi, i was randomly browsing blogs and came across yours. here's mine:

Evan said...

hi, i was randomly browsing blogs and came across yours. here's mine:

Sarah said...

After attending and dropping out of one of the most prestigious music schools on the West Coast- which just coincidentally happens to be at the same university- I have to say, the parking situation there? Sucks an incredible amount of ass.