Thursday, June 17, 2004

America or Burst

I found this reading through other blogs that blogger links to. I know 80's nostalgia is trendy and played out (thanks a lot, VH1), but if you're at all into reliving pieces of your childhood and feeling alternately heartwarmed and sickened, check it out. Follow the TV intros link and the rest is self-explanatory. Do it for yourself, not just because the popular kids are doing it.

The ones that really got me: Punky Brewster (I didn't remember the song at all until I heard it, then I realized it had never left me), The Real Ghostbusters (How cool was that show?), the Super Mario Bros. Super Show (Holy crap, this is the dumbest thing I've ever seen; I used to watch it every day and I don't remember this at all), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Here called "Hero Turtles" rather than "Ninja Turtles"--some foreign markets are apparently sadly unfamiliar with Ninjas), My Secret Identity (At one point, my favorite show--was Jerry O'Connell still that fat then?), and Mask (loved the show, but wow, those are some awful lyrics).

And whatever you do, don't skip Samurai Pizza Cats.


lydia said...

This comment is mostly for Cynth, but oh my! They have the Japanese opening for Hamutaro! I don't understand much of it (something about liking something very much, probably Hamutaro, and at the end, something that makes you happy, probably Hamutaro), but it's great.

C said...

that's super cool. it would be super cooler if i could get my work computer to make noise. I swear on the first day it made noise, now i've tried everything and it just sits there all mute.

I can't believe it would have bananaman, but not dangermouse, though.

Zack said...

My decision to stop watching Super Mario Brothers Super Show when they changed the opening credits seems less fickle now that I see how totally awesome those original opening credits were.

Samurai Pizza Cats ... that takes me back. Did you guys watch that one too?

MASK was Transformers for lame-os. Gobots was also Transformers for lame-os. I shouldn't even need to mention that Transformers season three was also Transformers for lame-os.

I could really go for about 5 straight hours of Inspector Gadget right now.

Zack said...

The Pizza Cats are Samurai,
and I'd like to note:
their antics take your breath away
like furrballs in your throat
We kittens are a special breed
we never call retreat.
Whenever Big Cheese knocks us down
we land upon our feet.
So hail to thee, oh Pizza Cats.
Please ring your little bell.
Although you may be pen and ink
we know you'll fight like...
Pizza Cats!
-Samurai Pizza Cats fan club oath

Kenny said...

Never saw Samurai Pizza Cats, but I was giddy watching the opening. Especially when the screen would show the words SAMU RAI PIZZA CATS as the song said them. Was that at all related to ninja turtles liking pizza?

Kenny said...

Also, I dispute that MASK was Transformers for lame-os. Go-Bots? Well, obviously. But MASK was more a cross between Transformers and G.I. Joe--i.e. small human-based action figures, with good guys fighting a snake-themed enemy organization (compare COBRA with VENOM) using battle vehicles that transform from everyday cars.

In a way, it kind of toned down the extremes of both of its sources of inspiration, but I liked it because this placed it in a more plausible real-world universe. I could never relate to GI Joe, and Transformers quickly spiraled off into a reality where humans were irrelevant. Which is fine, but it meant there was room for a show where everyone had a superpower mask and drove a James-Bond-style supercar.